Our CEO and Leader

Born and raised in rural Louisiana, Arthur Neal, Jr. is a dynamic senior leader with nearly 30 years of practical organizational-leadership, policy development, problem-solving, mentoring, coaching, mediation, and coalition-building experience.  Arthur is skilled at embracing complex organizational, industrial, and relational challenges, transforming them into something more healthy and mutually beneficial for involved parties.  He is passionate about preparing the next generation to be emotionally intelligent, competent, and effective servant-leaders that can satisfy current and emerging needs. 

Arthur attended Southern University Agricultural and Mechanical College, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics.  He also attained a master’s degree, in Agricultural Economics and International Marketing, from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas.  As a part of that experience, Arthur spent six months studying at the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Arthur is an active member in his local community, serving, through his church, as a congregational and compassionate care leader.  Also, for the past fifteen years, he has partnered with the Jackie Robinson Foundation, serving on its Mid-Atlantic Scholars Advisory Committee, facilitating mentoring and leadership development workshops, and delivering motivational messages for its talented scholars.  Arthur has recently joined the national board of directors for the Midwest Food Bank, a faith-based organization, that shares the love of Christ by alleviating hunger, malnutrition, and providing disaster relief (locally and internationally) without discrimination.  

Arthur and his wife, Angelia, live in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and serve together in local ministry.